Home Security for Winter

Home Security for Winter

Home Security for Winter –

Baby, it’s cold outside …

And dark too, which makes your home, sheds and outbuildings a possible target for unwanted ‘guests’ …

Who’s checking your property out? During the winter months, (and with Christmas on its way), burglary prevention is possibly not at the top of your list – so let me give you a few hints and tips to keep burglars at bay:


1. Light and bright – leave lights on so it looks like you’re at home.  Going out? Use timers to put lights on in various rooms throughout the house.  My timers are set for when it starts getting dark, so I come home to a bright and cheerful welcome;  

2. Money, money, money – keep valuables, purses, keys, credit cards out of sight and reach.  Type ‘safes for home use’ in your browser and you’ll find an array of security products.  Mark (and photograph for identification purposes) your valuables and ensure your insurance is sufficient in case they do get taken;

3. Intruder alarms can be an effective deterrent against unwelcome ‘guests’;

4. Going out in the evening?  Leave lights on, curtains shut so no one can peer in and decide if they’d like your valuables to be their valuables;

5. During daytime winter months your home can still be at risk – if you’re out working in the garden, lock your house, and close windows – there’s no point inviting trouble in;

6. Remove trees, cut back shrubs to eliminate hiding spots.  Store your patio furniture, ladders, in the shed or lock them in the garage so they cannot be used to help someone climb onto a roof, or through a window; 

7. Security/motion lights at the front, side and rear of your property add extra peace of mind – except when the foxes or cats set them off! But that’s a small price to pay for reassurance;

8. Unexpected callers? You should never let anyone into the house unless you know them and have a pre-arranged appointment.  Always ask for identification – and if in doubt, call the company for confirmation;

9. Front door security – a door chain gives added protection; a door viewer shows who’s at the door and it’s your decision who you open your door to


10. Take a look at https://www.immobilise.com/  UK National Property Register also offers useful products for marketing property, bikes and keys.

Be safe, be secure, be sensible – and winter will soon give way to spring