Home is where the heart is …

and it’s taken many years to decide that I love where I live.  This topic has been hotly discussed this week, in suggestions that ‘older’ people should downsize, to allow families to move into larger properties.
Already in the over-55 bracket, there is nothing further from my mind than downsizing.  We’ve been living in the same property (home!) for over 18 years – a record – and intend to stay put for as long as possible.  The youngest ‘child’ left home 10 years ago, and we’re still adapting to the fact that the bedrooms remain empty unless our son or daughter visit from Australia, once every blue moon.
Our little granddaughter has her own bedroom on the first floor of our chalet bungalow, and we’re very happy that she calls it ‘her room’.
I have rather grand ideas of extending the property (again) to be able to provide my Challin piano a room of its own, and the property is now in need of some TLC, having been knocked about by bikes, skates, and hordes of teenagers traipsing in over the years. 
Our house offers all we need for the time being – we love the space it offers, the possibilities for visitors (family or otherwise), it’s in walking distance of the sea, and close to all the places we like to spend our leisure hours (tennis club, golf course, beach …).  I haven’t yet experienced the ‘call of gardening’, but am assured by well-meaning friends that it will come.  So I’ll be able to mow lawns and tend the flower beds in the future to my heart’s content.
Best of all, it’s close to immediate family – and that’s why it’s a ‘home’.  Thank you, but I’m staying put for the time being, as I have no desire to go to a smaller property or retirement village.