Home Decor without Breaking the Bank

Home Decor without Breaking the Bank

How to Transform your Home Decor

Transform your home decor without breaking the bank


With its vibrant charm and a rich cultural heritage, Brighton & Hove is the cultural hub of East Sussex for a reason. And, if you’re one of the lucky people to own a home in this beautiful county, its proper care and responsibility falls on your shoulders.

As a homeowner, you should care about your property, but that doesn’t mean spending £100 on something small. Rather, it’s all about some smart choices that you can make to get the most out of your small investments.

Budget-Friendly Home Decor Ideas

As a homeowner, regular maintenance and upkeep of your home is important. Whether it’s painting the house or buying new furniture, home decor is an on-going process. But, owning a home can be costly. So here are some simple yet effective ways to cut back on your home decor costs and make your home look brand new.

Organise Your Belongings

Oftentimes, we have more things than we need in our home. Cleaning out unnecessary belongings will help you declutter your space. This will help to bring your new vision of home decor to life.

Start by sorting out your possessions into groups of ‘important’ and ‘unimportant items’. Then throw away, or donate, whatever is taking up space in your home but not adding anything to it. By doing this, you will make space for new items or be able to reorganise the leftovers in a new manner.

Add A Splash Of Paint

The cheapest and most colourful way of decorating your home without breaking the bank has got to be painting your home yourself. And, I’m not talking about just walls either. Remember that shoe storage cabinet and that gorgeous vase that’s just a little unpolished to keep in the hallway? It’s time to paint them all.

Not only does it give you a chance to get creative with colours around your home and give it a more cohesive look, but also saves you a lot of money that you may have spent by outsourcing the work. If you’re doing this activity with your loved ones, it can also be a bonding experience for you all.

Choose Local Businesses

Do you want your home to look brand new without spending too much money? Then, consider getting your decorations from a local business. Support small businesses such as local furniture stores by buying your home decor items from them instead of spending too much money on getting the same stuff shipped from big conglomerates.

Not only is it a cheaper option but also, many of these businesses are environmentally cautious and offer sustainable decor options which can be a great choice for your home.

Accentuate the Green Space

The most gorgeous decor that you can use to spruce up your home space is nature. Invest in some plants, both indoors and outdoors, depending on your space. Not only do they add a touch of greenery and positivity to your living space but are also easy on the pocket.

You can choose house plants such as snake plant, spider plant, Christmas cactus, and shady dealings to add a touch of nature in your house. Don’t worry about the plant names, they are actually beautiful and low maintenance, making them a perfect accessory for your home.

Go for Classic Furniture

Instead of trying to buy everything new every few years, it’s always a smart idea to invest in a few timeless furniture pieces. These can include but aren’t limited to an antique chest, built-in shelves, pewter objects, classic artwork, and carpets or rugs.

These items can stand the test of time and give many times their value as statement pieces over the years. Investing in a few quality items like these will help you save a lot of money overall.

Wrapping Up

As a home owner, regular upkeep of your home comes with certain costs. Instead of breaking the bank to fund these costs, you can choose some budget-friendly home decor options to decorate your home.

Whether you choose to add some house plants to your space, or refurbish the place anew with DIY creativity, these tips will definitely help you save some money.  Happy decorating!