Happy Landlords

Happy Landlords

“Are you a Happy Landlord?”

Happy Landlords

Landlords are overwhelmingly satisfied with the service they receive from their Letting Agent.  So says a recent survey of over 500 residential Landlords.  Encouragingly, Landlords find Agents an invaluable resource.  Some 92% of Landlords reported a positive experience with their letting agent, leading to the assumption that they are happy Landlords.

The market for lettings is of course relatively buoyant at the moment.  Nevertheless, agents must be vigilant not to allow standards to slip. Whilst there are many prospective Tenants for each property it is usually quality that is the issue, not quantity. The survey reported that speed of finding a Tenant was important.  However, Landlords (93%) said that one of their main priorities is ensuring that the Tenant is reliable. This usually means someone who will look after the property and pay their rent on time.

Landlords & Agents

The survey confirms the importance Landlords place on agents going that extra mile to service clients.  As a result, finding good-quality tenants and filling properties quickly, while providing a consummately professional and personal offering are definite ‘must-haves’.

This is nothing new to us of course.  Our Lettings Team is always fastidious about ensuring that tenants are well-referenced – even when properties are harder to let.

Our checks include Tenants’ employment status.  We seek out previous Landlord references.  In addition, we go so far as to credit check any guarantors as well as the Tenants themselves. Anyone can guarantee someone else’s rent.  But if the guarantors themselves are not good for the money, then such a guarantee is not only a waste of paper, but also provides landlord and agent alike with a false sense of security. Sadly, a defaulting guarantor is only discovered long after the tenant has bolted!

Fortunately, at Callaways, these instances are extremely rare.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our Tenants.  And we generally enjoy an excellent relationship with Tenants on behalf of our Landlord clients.

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