Hallowe’en Huts

Hallowe’en Huts

“Hallowe’en Huts”

Spooky October Hallowe’en

Hallowe’en has become a big event in the UK in recent years. In many ways it has taken over from the traditions of Bonfire night a week later. Making the old Guy Fawkes effigies used to be a kids’ favourite, but today the more commercialised Hallowe’en costumes are more popular with young and old alike.  Hallowe’en huts are for family and friends too!

The special spooky night at the end of October is just one of the markers that autumn is well and truly underway. Yes, winter is just around the corner. The colours of fallen leaves, getting cosy favourite clothes out of storage and the aromas of warming culinary comforts all play their parts too.

As all beach hut owners know, a palace on the prom isn’t just for summer! Autumn offers so much too, from watching spectacular seaside sunsets to hunkering down inside your-home-from-home happy hut, safe from harsher weather. All you need are some nice warm woolly throws and mugs full of hot sugary tea, freshly brewed coffee or even an indulgent hot chocolate or two.

World Food Day

There is plenty more to celebrate this month before we get to Halloween. On 16 October it’s World Food Day, a celebration founded by the United Nations. Aiming to promote healthy diets and also eradicate hunger by 2030, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy home cooking and educate youngsters at the same time.

Cooking in your beach hut just needs some common sense and simple ‘health and safety’ practises. Whether you’re using an old style camper stove or something more modern and elaborate the results are pretty much the same. It’s all about taking joy in the simple act of eating and drinking in such a unique yet traditional British setting.

Hallowe’en Hut Take-away!

Of course you can always save yourself the time and effort of cooking for yourself. Get your favourite take-away delivered direct to your hut’s door!

Today there are so many different outfits that will drop off your order that it’s becoming quite a fashionable thing to do. Whether you use an app, order online or simple phone in ‘old skool’ style there will be no shortage of choice of cuisine that you can enjoy in your hut.

Hallowe’en Special Effects

On 31 October itself, the night of Hallowe’en can have its own special effects on your beach hut (with a little help from you).

National Pumpkin Day is on the 26th of the month, so that leaves plenty of time to go and pick them, prepare them for putting candles inside and letting everyone know you’re joining in the fun. Although there might not be that many trick’n’treaters on the prom, putting up some spooky decorations and having some sweets to give away is all part of the festivities.

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