Gas Leaks Rental Property

Gas Leaks Rental Property

“Gas Leaks in Rental Property”

Suspicion of a gas leak in your rental property

Tenants, if you have the slightest concern of a gas leak in your rental property, take immediate action.

Property visits are an essential part of a Tenancy, as my hair-raising experience early in December 2016 will tell.

The Tenants were present for my visit and let me into the property.  Immediately I smelt gas (I have a good nose for gas detection – at a previous property I had the whole of a front garden dug up because I smelt gas – and sure enough I was right!).  The result was one very relieved owner and hugely grateful tenants.

Firstly, we contacted the Emergency Gas number.  The engineer very quickly arrived in his van.  He established the fault was on the owner’s side of the meter.  As a result he switched off the gas.

Secondly, and happily, a local gas engineer made an emergency visit the same day.  He established that the leak was from the hob.  He isolated the hob, managing to reconnect the gas, and allow the tenants to have the heating back on (it was a very cold week in December, remember).

Within a week, a new hob had been ordered and replaced, and thankfully it was a happy ending.

Moral of the gas leak story

Property visits are for the benefit of both landlord and tenant.  If you smell gas, call the emergency gas services IMMEDIATELY.  Tenants should report any maintenance issues immediately – don’t wait until the next scheduled Property Visit – halt problems in their tracks before they become major issues.

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