Empty Rental Property

Empty Rental Property

“Let Your Property Shine!”

Empty Rental Property

As a Landlord, you’ll want to minimise the time your property is empty between tenancies.  This is known as the VOID period.  Obviously empty rental property is bringing in no rental income.  So it is essential that your property looks its best for showing to new Tenants.  This applies both in terms of condition and cleanliness.  As a result, your void period will not last long.

Landlords should redecorate tenanted property from time to time.  Tenants are allowed ‘fair wear and tear’.  It is rare to receive a property at the end of a tenancy in the same condition that it was at the beginning.  This happens especially if several Tenants have passed through.

Whilst you may choose to avoid the expense of redecoration, the likely result is that it will take longer to find a Tenant (a longer void period).  As a result and even then, you could well achieve a lower rent than could otherwise have been obtained. Also, the taxman (hardly known for his generosity) allows you 10% of your rental income for repairs and maintenance, so it’s very unlikely that the sensible amount is anything less than this figure.

Let-able Property

The intelligent Landlord will also ensure that the property is clean and shiny throughout. Tenants have obligations to clean the property to a decent standard before they leave.  Some will do a very good job indeed. But generally speaking they seldom do a good enough job to really maximise the property’s let-ability and thus minimise the void and maximise the rent.  Generally, you’ll need to spend a few more hours on cleaning to make your property gleam and really attractive to those potential new Tenants that we’ll be bringing round.

Of course, a well-presented meticulously clean property also suggests that you are a responsible Landlord.  Of course, this in turn attracts responsible Tenants!

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