Direct Property Buyer

Direct Property Buyer

“Why register direct as a property buyer?”

Direct Property Buyer

There’s no question about it! Buyers visit the property portals eg Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket because they provide easily-searched access to properties currently available for sale.

Or do they?

Certainly property portals are efficient.  Estate Agents have embraced them for many years as being an important addition to their marketing toolbox.

On the surface, people no longer apparently need to register with an Estate Agent when looking for a property.  However, those buyers who do register direct, tend to find they are offered properties before they appear on the portals.


We find that an increasing proportion of property sellers engage us to market their home using more discrete marketing methods than overt portal or other advertising exposure.  There are several reasons for this – maybe they want to test the market or they have not yet announced the move to their friends and family.  Perhaps they simply don’t want to risk over-exposing their property and want to keep it exclusive, available only to pre-qualified buyers that their Estate Agent has personally vetted.

As a buyer, by registering direct with an Estate Agent (or Agents, why not?) you therefore put yourself at an advantage in terms of access to unexpected properties that you might otherwise have missed.  Additionally, because so many buyers register through the portals, by registering direct with the Agent you are demonstrating your commitment to buying in a specific area.  You are also  more likely to be regarded as a viable and legitimate purchaser.  This puts you in pole position to hear about opportunities to view properties as soon as they become available, often ahead of other “run-of-the-mill” buyers.

Sometimes it’s the counter-intuitive approach that pays off!  So are you thinking of buying?  Then why not register direct with us at and see how it feels finally to enjoy “club membership” status!