Choosing a Letting Agent

Choosing a Letting Agent

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Choosing a Letting Agent

Superficially, you may think that ‘Lettings’ is relatively straightforward.  Indeed, some firms do regard themselves as a simple broking operation.  However if you’re serious about your rental property, you may wish to consider choosing a specialist Letting Agent for various reasons.

Your investment should provide you with peace of mind as well as a great return on investment.  Then it follows that you will want to know that the property is being managed by people who really care.

Our response to the ever-growing rentals market has been to take a good look at the opportunity to deliver a service to Landlords which not only meets expectations, but goes way beyond.  Indeed, many of our clients have commented that they have found our Lettings service to be a “breath of fresh air” when compared to their previous experience!

Letting & Managing

For example, it is critical to thoroughly reference and credit check all prospective Tenants.  Taking such steps will ensure that they will not only pay the rent on time, but that they will also look after your property as if it were their own, if not better!  Indeed, we are passionate about this issue.  We regularly visit the property personally during every Tenancy. This not only means that we can keep an eye on how the Tenants are treating it, but also allows us to advise you if any preventative maintenance should be undertaken (e.g. gutters cleared).

We find this ongoing relationship with your Tenants is also an excellent way of showing them that YOU care.  As a result, they invariably treat you and your investment with the utmost respect.  This brings in an optimum return and a peaceful night’s sleep!  After all, that’s what a good Letting Agent is all about!

So when it comes to a Letting Agent, why not choose the one who regards every property as their own?

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