Buyers are ready. Are you?

Buyers are ready. Are you?

Traditionally spring has been the most popular time for thinking about moving home and selling your property.  So although this conventional pattern has been contested in recent years with a now all year round demand pattern, astute vendors still embrace this busiest time in the property calendar.

So if you are thinking of selling – what can you do to take advantage of this seasonal surge, stand out from the crowd and achieve the best price for your property.

Here are our top tips:

Do you have kerb appeal?

Looks sell, and a good-looking property will attract buyers – so make sure you have that all important kurb appeal. First impressions really do count when it comes to potential buyers.  Psychologists claim we decide whether we like a person within 15 seconds of meeting – and the same goes for houses. 

So as the weather brightens, would-be buyers are much more likely to walk or drive past your home after seeing it online or having been introduced to it by Callaways before deciding whether to book a viewing.  So take a critical look at your property from a house hunter viewpoint and make sure you tick off those essential DIY jobs.

Spring Clean

Spring cleaning is a must at any time for savvy vendors.  A clean house will convey to buyers that your home is well cared for and make it appear brighter and more spacious.  Pay particular attention to bathrooms and kitchens as untidiness in these areas can often result in an under-price offer or at worst be a deal breaker.

Also don’t forget the space outside.  Make sure lawns are mowed, weeds removed, and your driveway clean and free from clutter, and put a sparkle back into windows and frames. If you don’t already have one and if funds permit invest in an outside table and chairs.  Show buyers the potential for outside relaxation and alfresco dining.   

Selling a sensory experience

According to research, fresh bread and coffee are in peoples’ top five favourite aromas and known to make a house attractive to house buyers. But you can achieve a similar sensory experience with the use of a vase of fresh-cut flowers and scented candles.

Experiment with texture and invest in some fluffy towels, cushions, and throws which can inexpensively update any room.  Look through magazines and find out “what’s on trend” in the designer seasonal colour palette.  Our research suggests a move toward the cooler and softer side of the color spectrum as once again pales pastels and nature- like neutrals dominate the catwalk.

Buyers are ready. Are you?

The spring selling season will be in full swing sooner than you think. Interest Rates are still low, and there are still some good mortgages available.  Buyers are already coming out of their winter slumber and registering with us their desire to move.

So if you are planning to sell your home in 2016, you need to be ready now.  Call Ollie on 01273 735237 for free valuation and let out team pull out all the stops to make your house stand out from the crowd.