Brighton & Hove Estate Agents – Award Win

Brighton & Hove Estate Agents – Award Win

At first glance there does not appear to be a causal relationship between the property sales cycle and success at National property awards. You may think this kind of accolade does not affect you and your desire to buy/sell or rent property.

However, this question under greater scrutiny hopefully will persuade you to actively seek out estate agents and other service companies who enter these awards. In my experience these agents relish competition, welcome their product and service offerings being under the spotlight, and embrace the sometimes dichotomy of maintaining standards and embracing change and innovation as a matter of course.

Not for the faint hearted

Making the decision to enter an award should never be taken lightly as there are the inevitable costs involved in an award submission. There can be an administrative entry fee, staff costs involved in collating the material, and the production costs of the final entry pack. With such high stakes, entering professional competitions is not for the faint hearted or for those who think they may not come up to scratch as there is intense scrutiny over every aspect of the business.

But it is this introspection performed by ourselves and highly regarded judges who sit on the awards panels that compel us to enter various “Property Awards” on a regular basis.

Raises our game

We believe that annually reviewing the Callaways award submission raises our game. The award platforms present an open playing field and we have to make sure that we keep up-to-date with innovation and best practice within the national and local (Brighton & Hove) estate agency sector. This can mean embracing social media as a route to market, making available the latest app, and being up-to-date with any legal changes, which is all good news to your – our customers.

We use the award ribbons as part of our marketing collateral and the buying public do like the fact that the company has been endorsed by well-known brands e.g. “Telegraph” , “Rolls Royce”, “Google” to name a few, and we have evidence that this has positively influenced Vendors’ and Landlords’ decision making process.

UK property market

These then are the key reasons why I believe you should look for an Award winning estate agent – however there are another group of beneficiaries – our employees! They too benefit from such an accolade as individuals grow in confidence as they bask in reflected glory that their company is capable of excelling over some very strong contenders within the highly competitive UK property market. There is also no better trophy than being given a proverbial pat on the back by fellow industry professionals.

For great service, delivered by professionally qualified and motivated individuals look out for industry recognised estate agents (with their award ribbons) in your area.  To experience our award winning service visit or call 01273 735237.