Beach Huts Picnics & Ice Cream

Beach Huts Picnics & Ice Cream

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Picnics & Ice Cream

Are You Celebrating Picnic Month or Ice Cream Month? July is usually expected to be the hottest month of the year in the UK. On 18 and 19 July 2022,  temperatures of over 40°C were recorded for the first time in the country.  So, can we expect similar sensational summer days this year?

British weather tends to defy expectations.  Nevertheless, we can be reasonably sure that a sunny June will be followed by at least some lovely hot summer days at the height of the season. With the change of weather, naturally comes a change in diet and appetite.  July gives us every excuse to enjoy a spot of ‘al fresco’ dining on long hot afternoons or warm summer evenings.

The month actually takes its name from Julius Caesar although he isn’t recognised in any formal way. There are two different themes of celebration though, lending themselves nicely to seaside days spent in your beach hut!  So let’s check out Beach Huts Picnics and Ice Cream…

Celebrating July

National Picnic Month runs throughout July .  That’s something that beach hut owners will be used to enjoying most months of the year.

Having said that, there’s something very different about a picnic outdoors as opposed to a hot cuppa or even a thermos of soup inside your hut on a drizzly day!

Packing up a picnic can be a joy in itself, making sure that you have something for everyone. A traditional wicker picnic basket is a time-honour style icon.   Of course, a large cold box is an essential item for a hot day.  How else will those nice bottles of wine or selection of cold beers stay chilled enough?

As the sun will (hopefully) be shining, throw open the doors of your hut and set up a nice relaxing area to recline and dine in style. A large picnic blanket and outdoor cushions on the floor will delineate your space and give your guests a softer place to sit if you run out of chairs! Foldable table and chairs are perfect for beach huts but if you’re looking for something a little more stylish than usual why not try a portable picnic tray table?

National Ice Cream Month

Although most of us don’t really need an excuse for enjoying an ice cream on a hot summer day, July is also National Ice Cream Month.

Believe it or not, this actually originates from official resolutions in the United States Senate and House of Representatives in 1984, which proclaimed the month of July as “National Ice Cream Month.” President Ronald Reagan signed it into public law by Presidential Proclamation 5219.

Not even the most efficient portable ice box is likely to keep things really frozen.  Therefore, unless you have a fridge in your beach hut it’s likely that knowing the nearest traditional ice cream parlour or van is going to come in handy. If you’re a Hove ‘hutter’ then you’ll doubtless already know the charms of Marroccos on Hove seafront. First opened in 1969, this Italian restaurant is famous for its wide array of flavours and draws crowds of people to its parlour doors throughout the year.

If you really want to be self-sufficient and impress your guests, or if your hut isn’t near to an ice cream van or parlour, then investing in a portable battery operated ice cream maker might just be the ultimate gadget buy for the summer!

Beach Hut Happiness

True beach hut aficionados will often say that the weather is something that doesn’t really bother them.  Some of the best times can be had on rainy or dull days by the seaside, don’t you agree?

Of course this is true. But let’s face it, a nice blazing hut sunny day by the beach certainly has its own attractions too.  Beach huts, picnics and ice cream are definitely high up the list! Don’t forget the other ‘cream’ – sun-cream!

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