Beach Hut Fire Safety

Beach Hut Fire Safety

Beach Hut Fire Safety

Remember, Remember, Fire & Timber!

When the temperature drops, November often feels more like winter than autumn. Stormy weather (thanks Ciaran) seems to be more frequent at this time of year these days.  Sadly, this often results in the big Bonfire night celebrations, such as the Lewes event, being cancelled, often at short notice.  With Bonfire night just around the corner, let’s make Beach Hut Fire Safety your top priority!

Still, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t keep the traditions of Guy Fawkes and even older bonfire-related themes alive. “Remember, Remember, the 5th of November!” Make this date a real ‘treat’ for all the right reasons, whether your event is pre-planned or a short notice alternative activity.

Bonfire Night Fire Safety

In some places, a beach hut will offer a great view of large fireworks displays further along the coast. For others, a small family gathering with some sparklers and lots of warm clothing will do the job nicely.

If there’s a bonfire of any kind involved it’s always worth paraphrasing the old ‘people in glass houses’ saying: ‘people in wooden huts should be careful of flames!’

Although many hut owners will be used to handling a small cooking appliance of some kind, a bonfire of any size on a windy night can quickly become unruly. Check out fire protection supplies here. As always, a little common sense and a few safety precautions will make sure everything goes off with the kind of Bonfire Night BANG you actually want there to be.

Beach Hut Insurance

Have you checked whether your insurance is up-to-date? There are several specialist companies that offer a range of different policies to cover beach huts.

The common things we’d expect for home insurance are buildings cover for rebuilding costs, contents cover and accidental damage. You can also benefit from cover for replacement locks, damage from storms and the sea and even vandalism and malicious damage.

If you haven’t thought about it already, you should definitely look into this, no matter how careful you are with nearby naked flames…  The Terms and Conditions of Licence for huts in Brighton & Hove stipulate that you must insure against ‘perils such as fire, theft and damage.’  If you’d like advice in sourcing the right policy we’re here to help.

Family ‘beach hut’ activities

Of course one of the main attractions of having a beach hut is that it’s a great magnet for family get-togethers and bringing all ages under one roof.

The ‘trick’ is to make sure the kids have something to do while the adults enjoy a chat or perhaps a drink or two on an autumn hut night. That’s where Origami Day on 11 November  comes in handy.

If you’re wondering what the ancient Japanese art of paper-folding has to do with the great British tradition of small wooden seaside buildings, you are in for a ‘treat’!

Do a quick online search for ‘Origami beach hut for beginners’.  You’ll find lots of people who have discovered making little beach huts out of card or paper. You can download templates to cut out, or you can learn how to create your own.

What a great idea for keeping children (of all ages!) amused.  They might even be a nice way for them to make gifts for Christmas…