Beach Huts “Back to School”

Beach Huts “Back to School”

Back To School…

Back To Reality!

Traditionally, September is the month when farmers harvest their crops. In times gone by, this was connected to the autumnal equinox that occurs towards the end of the month, the 24 hour period when the hours of day and night are equal. Then of course the longer evenings of autumn begin in earnest!

The Romans gave the month its name.  It comes from the Latin word for seven “septem”, the seventh month of their calendar. They also believed that September was associated with Vulcan, the god ‘of fire and forge’. Unlike back then, today we don’t expect too many volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in the UK. Although a nice bit of late warm summer weather would be most welcome this year.  And now, as September begins with the warmest days we’ve experienced so far, beach huts “back to school”, back to reality, do your homework when it comes to buying or selling.

Seasons change

The Met office says that autumn begins on the first of September, whereas the more traditional view is that it starts at the equinox. Whichever one you like to go with, there’s no denying that the month always carries that feeling of change in the air right from the start.

It could be because the holidays are over and the kids are back at school, but mainly the lower sun changes the quality of light. Whilst we can still hope for warm temperatures, the wise beach hut owner makes plans for the onset of autumnal afternoons and chilly evenings.

Beach huts for life!

To put a twist on a usually more festive saying, “a beach hut isn’t just for summer”!  You can still have plenty of fun and collect fond memories at this time of year.

Whatever the British Summer throws at us, one of the great attractions is that we can always stay warm and dry in our huts.

A rug or two and a traditional wool blanket can create a cosy welcoming atmosphere. Hot drinks, whether made fresh from the kettle or brought along in a thermos, will always be a great way to cheer anyone up.

So continue to make sweet memories at the end of a September school day by visiting your family beach hut for a cake and cuppa!

Own your own beach hut

Now is also the time to make a quick ‘To Do’ list of any small jobs that needing doing. Checking to make sure your hut is waterproof now means that you won’t have to do it when the temperature drops and the heavens open. A secure leak-free hut is somewhere you can continue to enjoy no matter what the weather holds for us over the last months of the year.

Of course all this probably isn’t news for existing hut owners! However, if you like the sound of it and are interested in finding out about owning your own beach hut we’re the specialists in Brighton and Hove. Get in touch, give us a call on 01273 735237, email or pop into the office in Hove.