Beach Hut Bonanza for Brighton & Hove Council

Beach Hut Bonanza for Brighton & Hove Council

Beach Hut owners in Brighton & Hove face increases in the Annual Licence Fee, and Transfer Fee…

Brighton & Hove Beach Hut owners are left stunned by the news of an increase in the Annual Licence Fee from £367.20 to £404, and the rise in the Transfer Fee from £82 to £1,212, or 10% of the Sale Price, whichever is the greater.

The rises were announced at Brighton & Hove’s Tourism, Development & Culture Committee on 11 January 2018 at Hove Town Hall.

Heather Hilder-Darling of Callaways Estate & Letting Agents attended as a member of the public, on behalf of the many Vendors and Purchasers Callaways has helped over the years, with the sale of their ‘properties on the prom’.

Heather said of the increase, “I was taken aback that councillors raised the comment that buying and selling beach huts was a lucrative business – because of the profits which could be made. 

“Our research shows that beach hut owners spend on average £1,000-£1,200 every year on their licence fee, insurance, maintenance and repairs. 

“If you’d bought your beach hut in 2012 on Hove Lawns, the average price was £9,000.  Today it might be between £22,000 – £25,000.  In my book, taking into account 8 years of annual costs: 

  • Annual Licence Fee @ circa £300 pa = £2,400
  • Insurance @ circa £300 pa = £2,400
  • Maintenance/Repairs @ circa £1,200 pa = £9,600
  • BHCC Admin Fee = £ 82
                                                                                Sub-Total £14,482
  • Purchase Price £9,000
  • Add Costs £14,482

                                                                                       Total         £23,482

Profit? Minimal …

“Beach Hut Owners have contacted me since the news broke to enquire about selling their beach huts.  My advice is, if they love their property on the prom, and intend to use it regularly, the pleasure is priceless.  If not, and the money from the sale could be used for maybe annual holidays abroad, or a new kitchen, then sell.  Which is a pity, because I know of grandparents who have bought a beach hut so their grandchildren can enjoy the simple pleasures of the seafront, beach and the seaside, icecreams, and endless hours of fun!  Similarly parents with young children have bought generally near Hove Lagoon, for the same reasons.”