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Brighton & Hove Beach Huts for Sale ...

Beach Hut - Selling Secrets

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Beach huts are the pride of Brighton & Hove's promenade.  Hove beach huts are located between Hove Lagoon, near Portslade and Hove Lawns, a generous expanse of promenade and a stunning walk at all times of the day, and in any weather.

Callaways Estate & Letting Agents have proudly sold beach huts for many years and is locally known as the Beach Hut Agents (Brighton & Hove residents may remember for some years we had a miniature wooden beach hut outside our office in Church Road).

Brighton & Hove Beach Huts

I love beach-huts! I love their candy colours, and their inimitable Englishness.  When I was a teenager living in Woodingdean, the family of one of my friends from Rottingdean (now my husband) had a beach-hut to the west of the open air swimming pool.  This has now sadly closed and the area was paved over years ago.  We spent many happy hours at the beach-hut where an assortment of spare swimming costumes, beach balls, fishing nets and a gas stove to make a cuppa were stored.

Wind the clock forward 25 years, and the beach-hut was still owned by the same family (now my in-laws).  My lovely mother-in-law spent hours and hours at the beach-hut chatting with her beach-hut neighbours and the multitude of passers-by on their walk along the undercliff to, or from, Saltdean.

Her grandchildren, including our two girls and one boy, spent summer holidays at the beach-hut, where by now an assortment of bikes, trikes and scooters were now in situ.  Rock pools, building sandcastles, playing with other children, and catching crabs or shrimps filled the school holidays.  Picnic-ing outside the beach-hut remain treasured memories for the whole family, lounging around on sun-beds and letting Nana occupy the children! 

Sadly, with the passing of time, the beach-hut had to go to new owners, who I'm sure will enjoy it as much as we did.

Beach hut popularity is not unsurprising - as many residents of flats within the city will attest to.  They have almost become the 'must have' accessory for property owners in Brighton & Hove, who simply love sitting on the prom and whiling away the hours.

Talking about whiling away the hours - what could be better than taking a good book with you to read, whatever the weather, in your beach hut in Brighton & Hove? I've discovered through my love of reading books about the sea, and our local area of Brighton & Hove (I've read most Peter James' books) that I can lose myself for hours at a time. Brighton & Hove local author Cathy Watts wrote 'Sandies in the Beach Huts', a must for children.

'The Beach Hut' by Veronica Henry was a summer read for me and is still sitting on my bookshelf, ready for my younger generation to ditch their Kindles and pick up a paperback!

Beach hut ornaments can be found in abundance on line, and in shops in Brighton & Hove - great ideas for decorating your seafront space, or as a lovely present for a beach hut 'warming'.

Brighton & Hove Council have specific rules for painting the roof and upper sides, plinth and lower sides of beach huts.  You need to check the construction and specification for doors and further useful information on licensing and buying beach-huts, paint colours, fees at Brighton & Hove City Council.  Read Terms & Conditions of Beach Hut.

Colourful beach huts in HoveIf you want to find out more about the delightful history of Hove beach-huts, I love Judy Middleton's blog - you can read this too. 

The process for selling a beach hut is quite different from selling a home.  We are on hand to arrange and accompany viewings, and manage the documentation required to make your beach hut sale proceed effortlessly.

Buyers of beach huts must be residents of Brighton & Hove.  We have a colourful selection along the prom.

Selling your beach hut is a private transaction between you and your buyer - talk to us about getting the best price.  You will pay an administration fee to Brighton & Hove City Council for change of ownership, plus a fee for finding a buyer.  Owners must have their beach hut for at least three years before they can sell.   

Hove Lawns or Hove Lagoon?

King's Esplanade

Hove beach huts have direct access to the beach.  Starting at 'The Lawns Cafe' at the southern end of First Avenue, they number from 1, finishing at number 151 at Kings Esplanade.  Numbers 153 to 181 are located near to King Alfred Leisure Centre and the southern end of Sackville Road.  'Mrs Bumbles' cafe is on the beach in this vicinity, for a cup of coffee, ice-creams or snacks.  If you prefer to be close to 'The View Bar' Western Esplanade, Kingsway, choose beach hut numbers 201-219.  Anyone for tennis?  then beach huts 220 - 229 will be ideal. 

Beach Huts close to Hove Lagoon - where there is plenty to do for all the family, with a paddling pool and children's play park are generally in the 300 - 400 range.  The 'Big Beach Cafe' offers everything to eat, drink and party.

Am I allowed to rent out my Brighton & Hove Beach Hut?

Put very simply - NO.  It is a breach of the Terms & Conditions to rent out a beach hut.  In theory your license could be revoked if you, as Beach Hut Owner, rent out or advertise your beach hut for hire.  

Can I own more than one Beach Hut?

The answer is definitely NO.  You can only own one beach hut at a time.

Am I allowed to live in my Beach Hut?

Again, the answer is NO.

Will I need insurance to cover my Beach Hut?

Under Brighton & Hove City Council Terms & Conditions of Licence for a Beach Hut, para 1(H) states you must 'Insure and maintain a policy of insurance for the hut against perils such as fire, theft and damage.'

Where's the best place, Hove Lawns or Hove Lagoon?

Both - it really depends on which amenities you're looking for.  Also to consider is whether wheelchair access is easy, parking, showers and taps for water, and, if you have a four-legged friend, whether the local beach allows access for you and your dog.

How to care for your Beach Hut:

Positioned on the seafront, beach huts take the brunt of winter weather and summer sun.  Like all things made of timber, and paint covered, there are numerous ways maintenance issues that need to be addressed through the seasons.  If you're not DIY inclined, the local Beach Hut Doctor can assist.

Buying your beach hut is a relatively straightforward transaction, and Callaways can assist you with documentation.  Remember! You must be a resident of Brighton & Hove to buy.

If you're looking for a beach hut or have a beach hut for sale, please contact us on 01273 735237 or - with summer on its way, what better time to act!