Student Accommodation – The Studio Flat

Student Accommodation – The Studio Flat

With graduation days taking place up and down the country many “freshers” are thinking about their journey into university life and critical to their experience is often where they live.  Some students will be fortunate enough to already have secured a place in one of the halls of residence or student houses, but many others and particularly those that have to go through “clearing” the options and choices these bring can be bewildering.  The biggest trade off (as is always the case with property) will be between location and price.

Studio apartments can often be the ideal pied-a-terre as they are often cheaper than one-bedroom places and their smaller size makes them a bit easier to keep clean and tidy.  However, one of the main objections we hear from students is that “you end up feeling like you’re entertaining guests in your bedroom”.

Luckily we have consulted with many of our previous renters and discovered innovative ways to make the space work for you which means you can have the best of both worlds – an inexpensive apartment where you can still hang with friends.

Here are some great student tips for making the most of a studio flat

Divide the studio into two distinct spaces

Many students have cleverly used a bookshelf to divide the room which also acts as storage devise for books, plants and mobile devices.  Alternatively you can just focus on the way you arrange your furniture, items for the living room should face one another in an intimate arrangement, while your bed, dresser, and other pieces should form a completely separate area.

Anything foldable is your new BFF

Beds, tables, desks if it comes in a foldable version should be in your studio.  This way when no longer in use you can fold it away and enjoy the space for anything.  Also buy furniture that serves more than one purpose e.g. a bed with underneath draw space to store books, clothes and bedding.   This way it is out of sight and will make the flat seem bigger.

Decoration Ideas

Keep the flat clean, tidy and opt for a minimalistic look.  If you can hang curtains opt for long ones that start at the ceiling – these will make the room look taller and will help to keep the flat warmer in winter.

Folding Screens

For a more vintage feel, see if you can find a folding screen at a market or car boot sale.  It can be unfolded and placed in the middle of the room when you want to create a divide, but it can also easily be folded up and slipped into a cupboard when you want to use the whole flat.

Be big and bold on Accessories

Don’t be afraid to make the flat feel your own – decorate with chic accessories, rugs and fresh plants. Mirrors are another great addition to any studio as they make any room appear bigger because of their reflective quality.

So there are tons of ways to divide a studio apartment, so don’t be afraid to get creative.   Remember that room dividers don’t have to be physical barriers – do what you can to visually distinguish the two spaces from each other. Just make sure you ask your landlord or managing agent before making any changes!

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