Does your home have the right marketing profile?

Does your home have the right marketing profile?

Once you have made that emotional decision to sell your property the next hurdle is how to achieve a successful sale.  Success will mean different things to differ people but most will agree that achieving the best price for your property is pretty close to the top.  My job at Callaways is to achieve that for you which I believe is by bespoke marketing and exposing your property to the widest audience and thereby attracting the best price.

In response to feedback from our clients we have created a pick and mix of marketing options that our vendors can select to market their property. After an initial consultation with our marketing consultants who advise on preparing your property for sale, we identify a target market for your property and a tailored marketing plan is created.

The agreed strategy is then executed for an agreed period of time and then a scheduled review takes place. Monitoring and evaluation takes place throughout the Campaign and the effectiveness of each marketing initiative independently assessed against enquiries, viewings and offers.

 So if you are in the “maximising the sale profit” business with your home you need to employ a good marketing system and not leave the sale of your prime asset to chance. Buyers need to know your home is available for sale. Homes don’t sell themselves.

 My name is Julie.  If you’d like to find out about property marketing and how it can be used to get the best price for home, please call me on 01273 735237. You can also email me at