The Age of Property Experience

The Age of Property Experience

“The Age of Property Experience”

Which of the many factors do YOU take into account when choosing the ‘right’ estate agent to sell your property?

Whilst the first one that comes to your mind may revolve around price and fees, most people tend to choose more intelligently than this.  After all, any Agent can suggest a flattering asking price, or seek to tempt you onto their books with a low fee.

The most important factor that people cite when asked why they chose to instruct us in their sale was that they actually liked and trusted the Agent who initially looked at their property.   Or they had a good experience when looking at properties with one of our teams.  This does not surprise us, as we firmly believe in the value of good relationships where trust, understanding and great communication are highly prized.

Age of experience and technology

We also recognise that not everyone relates to the same person.  James Duffy (pictured) our Branch Manager says, “We have a wide range of staff across our departments.  Many people tell us that they really appreciate being able to entrust their sale into the care of someone who can see the world through their eyes and who works to traditional service ideals with a modern twist.  A lifetime of experience in the property business certainly has its benefits.  Callaways embraces all the latest technology too, to be able to serve our wide range of clients in sales and lettings.”

Conversely, we also have team members who work extremely well with the many First- and Second-time buyers and sellers, and who are quick to employ the latest technology and social media skills to stimulate enquiries.

So we like to think we have the balance right, with someone for every one of our varied and valued customers.

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