Saleability Checklist

Saleability Checklist

Our Home Saleability Checklist helps make your moving decision…

Click Callaways’ Home Saleability Checklist  which takes you through our unique Six Saleability Factors and explains how they relate to your home. Knowing your saleability can help you sell your home in your timescale, and for the price you need to achieve – you will then be in a much better position to make the right decision.

Now you know your Saleability Score …

Did you find your unique Home Saleability Checklist useful in helping you to decide when and if to move home?  We would like to personally invite you to book a Home Mover Phone Consultation with us now.

It may be that it’s not the best time to sell your type of property, or that there are some things you need to do before you put your home on the market. Our Home Mover Phone Consultation will take the uncertainty out of the process for you, leaving you to make an informed decision that will help you to achieve the price you need for your home, in the timescale that suits you best.  You can expect complete honesty from us and we’ll answer fully any questions you may have about timing, price, presentation of your home, and the costs to move home.

Simply email us on or call Heather or James on 01273 735237 and we’ll arrange the best time to call you.