Brighton & Hove – is life a beach during lockdown?

Brighton & Hove – is life a beach during lockdown?

“Is life a beach during lockdown in Brighton & Hove?”

It wasn’t too long ago that the UK media was reporting the so-called ‘Boris Bounce’ in the UK property market.

The political saga that played out in the run-up to Brexit was still very much in peoples’ minds.  Then suddenly just as the nation put their Christmas decorations away, the first reports about the Covid-19 outbreak in China started to filter through the media. It was the start of a crisis, an unprecedented World Pandemic not seen since the Spanish Flu in 1918. All corners of the globe would start to feel the impact in one way or another and it seemed as though life had changed in an instant.

‘Virtual’ Hot Topics

When the UK Government advised the whole country (including Brighton & Hove estate agents) to stop conducting property viewings in person to help slow the spread of the disease, the UK property industry started a period of adjustment.  Then followed the closure of many UK branches in accordance with lockdown rules that came into place from 23 March.  This presented new challenges for all types of businesses.  Estate Agencies were no exception and had to adapt quickly with technology.  Employees either started to work from home or were ‘furloughed’.

‘Virtual viewings’ and ‘virtual appraisals’ became a hot topic and a potential option for the industry moving forward during lockdown.

It wasn’t all gloom and doom. Businesses that were open and willing to adapt and find new opportunities during lockdown hoped to increase their chances of emerging from the crisis having learned valuable cost-effective lessons along the way.  The outbreak of Coronavirus potentially changed the way property could be bought and sold for good.  Potential purchasers it seemed, were now starting to take a technological leap of faith during the outbreak with the prospect of ‘virtual viewings’.

A walk on the prom…

What about property for sale in Brighton & Hove?  Could ‘virtual viewings’ really be an alternative solution for purchasers looking to buy? And Vendors looking to sell?

What about the iconic Brighton & Hove beach huts?  In normal circumstances, many beach hut purchasers will often view a potential beach hut from the outside first to assess the suitability of a specific location.  The good news is this can still be done right now as a Brighton & Hove resident, assuming of course the social distancing and lockdown rules are observed!  Maybe a walk along the prom is already part of your permitted daily exercise regime?

Beach Hut Specialists

Callaways in Hove are well known in the local area for being the ‘beach hut specialists’.  We are particularly experienced in selling ‘properties on the prom’ and have done so for many years.  Our strong relationships with Vendors and Purchasers alike bring us pride and joy.  Our beach hut team also enjoys a solid working relationship with the Seafront Office, which plays an integral part of the whole Brighton & Hove beach hut buying and selling process.

Brighton & Hove’s iconic beach huts have always been a vibrant part of the City.  They remain a feature of the expansive coastline and symbolic of the lifestyle enjoyed by those lucky enough to live in the area!

As a beach hut owner, you can join the Hove Beach Hut Association and enjoy various events during the year.

Have you ever considered buying, or are you just curious about beach huts for sale in the local area? Do you find yourself with extra time to explore during lockdown? Then maybe now might be an opportunity to find out more…

Economic forecast

It is of course uncertain how long the full lockdown will last.  We do not know what the potential economic impact will be on peoples’ finances and job security.  However there is a real possibility that some of the restrictions could be eased in the near future.  This is providing there is consistent evidence to support the finding that social distancing rules have been effective in helping to flatten out the epidemic curve.

More recently there has been speculation in the media that once the situation shows signs of improvement, the Government may consider reopening Estate Agents, cafes and restaurants first to reboot the flagging economy.  The rules of social distancing however would still have to be observed.  This could be good news for the estate agents who are ready, willing and able to help and get back to business when the time comes.  It is, of course, impossible for anyone to be sure what will happen next in such unusual and unpredictable circumstances.

But we’re still very much here to help! Feel free to contact us on 01273 735237 with any questions you may have during these uncertain times or email