Lets with Pets

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07Nov Lets with Pets

Landlords… Increase Letting Potential 

Callaways are inundated with potential tenants finding it a struggle to find suitable accommodation when they have a dog or a cat. We understand Landlords may be reluctant to take on tenants with pets, fearing damage to fixtures and fittings and the horror of flea infestation once they have left the property, but in our experience these events are rare. With so few properties on the rental market accepting pets, properties that do are in high demand and don’t stay vacant for long.

The Dog’s Trust estimates 46% of the UK population owns a pet, mostly dogs or cats. Approximately 12-15% of the population live in rented property, so a landlord who is willing to accept a pet will have access to a larger choice of tenants.

The majority of tenants look after their pet responsibly and are law-abiding citizens, some are willing to pay extra to enable them to keep their pet and find the home they want. Due to the lack of “pet friendly” properties available, many tenants are so grateful to find such a property, they consequently pay the rent on time, treat it like it was their own and often want to stay long term due to the difficulty in finding alternative accommodation where pets are acceptable.

For Landlords who do accept pets, we’ve got it covered at Callaways; our tenancy agreement includes the tenant’s obligations to have the property professionally cleaned and to deal with the after-effects in the event of flea infestation (even after they have left the property). We also have the option of a number of additional clauses in respect of pets that can be added on request. In addition, an additional £250 security deposit is taken but you are within your rights to ask for more if it gives you peace of mind.

We need Landlords with a more lenient approach to pet owners; after all we are supposed to be nation of animal lovers!

Remember, you can lose out by being too selective on the type of tenants you want in your property as it may take longer to find your perfect tenant. Minimise the voids by considering a tenant with a pet and maximise your rental income!

We understand that some leasehold properties do not allow pets under the terms of the Head Lease.

Take a look at the Dogs Trust for more information at www.letswithpets.org.uk